Maybelline Baby lips (Review & Swatches)

Hellow guy!! I hope you all are doing great.

A lot of you wanted to see a review on these lip balms, So I got my hands on two of my most fav shades in Rose Addict & Berry Sharbet. These have been launched in many shades but berry sharbet is specifically made for darker skin tones because a lot of the time the lip balms which are sort of rolled out by these companies, they only show of on fair skin and not on dark skin which is like what??? :-/


What they Claim:

  1. More flavours.
  2. Deep shades.
  3. Best for darker skin, sun kissed skin tones.
  4. A formula with Vitamin E.
  5. SPF 20.
  6. 12 hours moisture.

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How to finally get rid of Blackheads for a Flawless Fairer Skin

Hellow my dear friends!! 

Today im here to talk about skin problems and how to get rid of them. Many of us have blackheads and they are annoying, there are many ways to get rid off them which is awesome. There are alot of home remedies like an eggwhite thing that you can put on your face, its good but do you really want to smell like egg???  😀 honestly those dont work that well.

There are many products to get rid of blackheads and to make your skin alot better and beautiful.

The First TIP: 

The first tip that i have for you guys is to try for a healthy lifestyle, not only will this help your skin but just help your life all arround.

  1. So make sure you drink a ton  of water to flushout all those toxins out.
  2. Get lots of sleep.
  3. Exercise and try to eat healthy.
  4. Clean your pillowcase.

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Rivaj UK Sunblock (RIVIEW)

Hellow Everyone!!!

Before I start, let me tell you one thing, I am very picky about Sunblocks and for me its a very touche topic. Just because other Sunblocks does not work for me.. Rivaj Uk sunblock is the only product which I use to protect my skin from aging..

This is how it looks…



What they say:

  1.  It is water resistant.
  2. Multi functional.
  3. Protects skin from UVA and UVB rays.
  4. Express natural skin tone.
  5. Anti Dark Spots.
  6. Anti Darkening.

My Review on it:

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